Sessions designed through worldwide experience

Exponentials 101 - A thought-provoking deep dive into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, what type of disruption is occurring and how to appropriately respond to such changes. We suggest this ‘primer’ be included in all education sessions as a way to tee up the rest of the offerings.

6 D’s of Disruption - An explanation of Peter Diamandis’ 6 D’s of Disruption (digitized, deceptive, disruptive, demonitized, dematerialized, democratized), with an industry-specific focus customized to clients needs followed by an intensive group working session and report outs.

Disruption from Other Industries - An exploration of how disruption typically comes from other industries, followed by a group exercise applied to participants specific industries with detailed report outs.

2030 Exercise - One of our most thought-provoking exercises typically scheduled toward the end of the first morning. Participants are organized into teams and are tasked with either a) assuming the case study of a company that has grown in size 10X by 2030 or b) one that no longer exists. In each case, teams present on what decisions were made and how disruption and the marketplace moved with or against them.

Three Horizons Framework - The 3 Horizon Framework has been used by CEOs across the globe. We believe all CEOs should use this framework, especially given how accelerated the rate of disruption has become. Our exercise highlights how leadership teams are underutilizing Horizons two and three (12 months and 5 years out, respectively). The results are typically sobering but helpful.

ExO Frameworks - Salim Ismail’s bestselling book “Exponential Organizations” is considered among the most important to come out of Silicon Valley. Pivot Factory Founder Michael Leadbetter is the former CEO of ExO Works and is therefore uniquely positioned to lead teams through the ExO framework, which he has helped other CEOs and their teams apply worldwide.

Industry-Specific Content - We use our extensive ecosystem to provide deep dive industry-specific content for clients as a part of education solutions. To date we have provided comprehensive sessions related to construction, textile, banking insurance and education industries.  

Why Digital Transformations Fail - Tony Saldanha, a 27-year veteran of Procter & Gamble and author of “Why Digital Transformations Fail,” is a Pivot Factory advisor. We leverage our close relationship to apply the disciplines Tony outlines in his book to create the structure for sufficient and systemic innovation.  

Pace Layer Model - Steward Brands pace layering model is an important inclusion into most education engagements. We typically apply this content in individual exercises with share-outs and group discussion. It’s all aimed at deepening the insights around the deep-rooted factors affecting change and leading to disruption and systems change.